Gravity is the weak electrostatic attraction between atoms.
Gravity is a simple Electro Mechanical System. The attractive forces are greater than the repulsive between atoms because the attractive work together. It's like two against one.

Because the repulsive and attractive are acting simultaneously, objects don't fall at the speed of light. (So to speak.)

Imagine each individual atom in the Earth is acting on each individual atom in your body.  And as a side note, this is why all things fall at the same rate in a vacuum. 

It doesn't matter how many atoms there are because gravity is working on each individual atom.

So now the realization arises;
There is zero gravity but great pressure at the center of the Earth.

To simply demonstrate how the Gravitational Force builds between atoms, take two hydrogen atoms;

To physically experience the effect of Attraction and Repulsion, get two magnets and push the two N together. Notice how the two deflect.

Now try N to S and you will see they are always
locked in because they work together.
Electrostatics behave in the same manner.
The attractive are always greater than the repulsive.

Most will agree with my assumption that attraction
is greater than repulsion. But, I received this argument about the forces extending outside an atom;
“Orbits are an equilibrium of forces. One aspect of inequality is mass differences, but the forces are equal and opposite in Newton's mechanics”.

That is correct inside any particular atom if there were only one atom in the universe. Because the electromagnetic range is infinite, (It's the law and is self evidentThere simply has to be a very slight attraction between atoms. For simplicity sake we will have to start with some Hydrogen atoms. 

Observe this example of a two, three, and four Hydrogen Atom gravitational system;   

Now, multiply this concept to equal the number of atoms in the Earth and everything on it, and there you have it! Gravity. Every atom in a system is interconnected. All atoms have different gravitational properties depending on their atomic number. It becomes a random additive field. 

Or as Walter Babin said, "It's a Residual...."

Because the attraction decreases by the square as the distance doubles (from the collective source), the atoms closest to you under your feet are having greater influence than those on the other side of the planet. 

So, If you are driving your car from say, New Haven, CT, to Ocean City, MD, a whole group of different atoms are taking over as you travel along. And, as you travel away from the Earth, it all appears as a point source.

So now all the below arises;
1. There is zero gravity at the center of the Earth.

2. A gravimeter lowered down the deepest oil well will show a decrease in gravity. 

3. Gravity varies across the globe because of varying crust material as demonstrated by the USGS gravitational surveys in Nevada and Afghanistan. 

4. Gravity is manifested in a "BEAM" form rather than a "WELL" as "you know who", worked it out........

The moon creates the tides;

The Moon actually cancels a portion of the Earth's Gravity causing a bulge on  opposite sides of the Earth.

To me, all things are basically simple. Gravity is a simple. It's incoherent Electromagnetism. In that each atom is a tiny weak Electromagnet. (some better than others)They are not all pointed in the same direction and can't be aligned to do so as in an Iron magnet. 

You are walking around on this planet. You have to admit, it feels like a big magnet. Bringing in a bit of Henri Poincare (April 29, 1854-July 17, 1912), and a bit of Walter Babin (1934-2000 - I do miss Walter), Gravity becomes;

The Dynamical Chaotic Residual of the Incoherent Electromagnetism of all the Individual Atoms Contained in an Object or System.

A picture is worth a thousand words and maybe 100,000 math formulas. Because gravity is a Dynamical Chaotic Residual, it cannot be discovered through mathematics. Gravity must be visualized as a mechanical system that can be then generally described by mathematics. It's simple;

The more atoms you have, the more gravity you have!!

Thank you for your time.