Nuclear Physicist - US Navy Nuclear Program 

E-1 Electrical Contractor in CT.  

"Science is a wonderful thing if one doesn't have to earn a living at it." A. Einstein

Musician, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Singer. (Of sorts...)

Gravity and the Unified Theory are not unlike a musical composition where all parts have to fit together in harmony.....

With Acoustic Guitar, there is no finer Artist than James Taylor. His "Frozen Man" is my favorite and most difficult to play and sing for 4 min and 17 sec without a mistake. It reminds me of myself.... 

My own composition; "Lady"; Recorded on a Fostex DMT 8vL 8 Track Simul-Sync Recorder. Played and sang all parts. Programmable Drummer with MIDI Interface, 7 of 8 tracks used. Pics from CA Trip. ©2000. More on the Music Page.