Early on in this website endeavor, I had received an email from Joe Nahhas and the subject was “Gravity Bumber”. The email simply said “All things fall at the same time.”  I assumed he meant rate. 

     My reply was “The difference in mass between a feather and a bowling ball falling in a vacuum with respect to the gravitational field of the Earth was zero.” 

     I thought that was sufficient and sounded like a good answer and I never gave it much thought after that.  But then one day, I was watching “The top 100 discoveries in physics” on the Science Channel. This show had “Bill Nye the Science Guy” talking about gravity and how all things fall at the same rate in a vacuum. 

     He was at a site where a large vacuum chamber was constructed in order to drop objects of different sizes to accurately measure their rate of fall. The sizes ranged from small items to 5 tons. It started me thinking that maybe a more detailed explanation was in order.             

      If we recap the gravity explanation; It’s a dynamical chaotic residual. It’s weak incoherent Electromagnetism. Think of it as each atom in a object is a tiny spinning Electromagnet. They’re not all pointed in the same direction. They can’t be made to do so. That’s where the “Dynamical Chaos” comes into play. (And math out of it)

      It takes a tremendous number of atoms for the gravitational field to be of consequence. Something like the size of the earth. The reason all things fall at the same rate is this;

     As a bowling ball or the 5 ton weight is hanging in Bill Nye’s vacuum chamber by the suspension cable, they have a weight that can be measured by a load cell in line with the cable. This is because all the atoms in the suspended weight are chemically bound and are grouped. The sum of the group is its weight. The instant the cable is released, the object becomes weightless.

     It doesn’t matter how many atoms are in the object at this point because the gravitational Aether acts on each individual atom contained in the object. 

      It is of no consequence how many atoms are in the falling object because gravity acts on each individual atom in the object. It is only when the object comes to rest on the surface, that the object can be again weighed.           

The rate of fall is set by the repulsive forces.

Thank you for your time,                                                                         

Eric Sabo  

P.S. A Bill Nye side note;  I was watching "Larry King Live" in ~2006. Bill Nye and Edgar Mitchell were on. The topic was UFO's. Bill Nye, a UFO non-believer, was in the studio and Edgar Mitchell was remote. It was a good thing as the discussion was heated. I swear Edgar Mitchell would have punched Bill Nye in the face if they were both in the studio.  

Edgar Mitchell piloted Apollo 14 to the moon, 6th man to walk on the Lunar Surface and was actually from Roswell NM. Edgar Mitchell knew all the people their and their stories.....